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I may have seen a flaw in my plan....

It was perfect. Apply for a teaching degree and after two years if its not what I'm looking for I'm free to go with a year of (paid!) teaching under my belt. If it turns out I love it I have a career for life.

One problem I didn't see- Mum trained as a teacher.

I saw how hard she fought to have Cat keep doing A-level art because it was something the Mum had done, how did I miss that when it came to teaching that she would push me just as hard as she had Cat?


The worst part is the more she pushes, the less I feel that teaching is a good idea. I don't need the presure of doing this on my shoulders. I don't want to be living her life for he because she never got the opertunity to teach!


Do something funny for money!

Missed a lot of the first part of comic reflief, but I did manage to see David Tennant snog Davina McCall. I'll give £50 if I can get one of those!

Now we're on to Catherine Tate meets Little Britain

It's gonna be a good night!

8.59- Mamma Mia! I will miss French and Saunders

9.35- Nearly £30 millions already! Go Britain!

Lunatic Ninja's Strike Again!

Just heard this news report on the radio and had to giggle a little bit

It was made all the more amusing by a post I read on naominovik  yesterday about a fan art she recieved from someone about Granby being attacked by Koala's in the next Temeraire book.

And speaking off, there's going to be another Temeraire book! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

I HATE limited broadband *grumbles*

I haven't been on LJ for ages and I log onto my friends page and what do I see, loads of reviews of SGA!

And because I'm on the other side of the world with a limited broadband capability, I can't watch it!

Australia is becoming a more and more annoying place to live. No books, no DVD's and now no Stargate. Roll on Feburary is all I can say...
new moon

*sigh* I ALWAYS do this

Why is it that the books I always refuse to read because they're too popular turn out to be fantastic books? One of these days I'm going to find a fad that really has more hype than it deserves.


So I think it has to be official, my name is Claire and I'm a Twilighter.


And the worst bit is that I can't even get my hands on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn because I'm in a tiny little town with only two tiny bookshops, neither of which will get the books for another two weeks at least.

I miss London. You never run out of books in London

Really...I mean...really?

This is a list of books that are most often petitioned to be banned.

Some of them I understand. I mean, Chaucer can be a bit raunchy at times, Twelfth Night involves cross-dressing and men thinking they might be gay, and the whole Harry Potter thing has been discussed more times than I want to count.

But James and the Giant Peach? Really?

I had to study both Twelfth Night and Of Mice and Men for GCSE's. Both are considered classics (at least by me), and people want to ban them?

Sometimes I worry about people.
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Perfect day

Got up late, as is my tendency nowadays, and walked into Bethesda to do some shopping. Managed to find a comic shop and picked up the most recent Buffy comics, but they didn't have a Shep action figure or the third Chuck comic that's been released so I'm going to have to find another, bigger store in DC before I leave to get those.

Lunch was at Potbelly's (score!), and I'm starting to worry about finding good sandwhiches when I get home. There is just nothing as good as a pizza, no peperoni with mayo on white *sigh*

My final stop was at Barnes and Noble; bought Melting Stones (Woohoo!), Snow Queen and Kushiel's Avatar. They didn't have all the circle books to buy for Tom, so that's going to be another stop in DC when I get into the city. Also sat down to have a strawberry-lemonade and read a few chapters of Melting Stones before I made my way home.

I'm really glad that I managed to get Melting Stones before I left. It gets very annoying to have to buy all my Tammy books from because the stupid UK publishers don't promote Tammy's books the way they should. *rasberries*

Anyway, this evening I sat down to watch Andy Murray lose to Roger Federer in the US Open final. In a way, I'm glad that Federer won. I just hope that Murray will get to more finals, and wins them. It'd be nice to see a Brit win Wimbledon.

And now, I'm being a big geek with Uncle John watching Star Trek: TNG fan favourites on Sci-Fi. It's been too long since I watched TNG. I think I hear mininova calling...